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Antraigues (496 inhabitants) was classified “village de caractère” a few years ago. French and foreign visitors unanimously agree upon the "typically French” character of this lovely place.

Coming from Aubenas, we reach Antraigues taking a small road that meanders along the River Volane, which in turn makes its way alongside a narrow valley. The village itself is clearly situated upon the road, on a bare rock formation of granite and basalt. The church and the houses seem to cling with all their might since eternity.

The village square, located at the heart of Antraigues, is truly typical with its fountain, its trees, bowling greens and two coffee shops (one of them being "La Montagne") with small terraces. Visitors watching the place closely will see works of art here and there on the walls and in the corners – these are sculptures created by artists from the region.

Antraigues has two tennis courts and a lake along the Maselande, the water is crystal clear and very refreshing, even in summer.

Surrounding areas

The Ardèche region, named after its most famous river, is located south-east of France, close to the Rhone Valley. Only three hours drive through Provence separates it from the Mediterranean. To go to Lyon (international airport), the biggest French city after Paris, it takes only two hours by car.

All the rivers in the area offer many opportunities for sports activities: swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking.

The area is a paradise for hikers, horse riders, and for fans of mountain biking and climbing. Recently, we have created a network of hiking trails to explore the beauties of the landscape on foot. Motorcyclists, meanwhile, will be delighted by small winding county roads which offer spectacular views of the gorges and mountains. In winter, there is a whole range of snow sports only 14 kilometres away.

Those who like “la France profonde” find here all that they dream of. In idyllic places like Balazuc and Largentière, time seems to have stopped since long. In weekly markets, you can taste local sausages and farmers' cheeses. In summer there is a multitude of 'village festivals' and celebrations with music and theatre, small local restaurants are not yet equipped with microwaves, and around the village, in the afternoon, we play bowls on well-shaded fields.

The vast “Ardèche Gorges” that the river dug in meanders over the centuries in the limestone plateau of the Bas-Vivarais are among the most impressive natural wonders of France. They are extremely popular with holidaymakers and canoeists from France and abroad.

While the south of the region is already known internationally, the north is gradually opening to tourism through new access routes by rail and highway. Holidaymakers exploring the region are fascinated by the multitude of landscapes found on a few square kilometres: the austere plateau with grassy ridges alternating with fertile valleys, rivers whose slopes are marked by terraces mounted centuries ago to cultivate chestnuts.

Today, this work being abandoned, the chestnuts mix harmoniously with pines and heather. Across slopes and steeps, picturesque black basalt formations, impressive gorges carved in limestone, even by small rivers, impress the visitor.

This almost untouched nature, crossed by few roads and tracks, is a paradise for wild boar – as evidenced by our delicious boar recipes « La Montagne ».